About MALB

MALB was first conceived in 2006 as The Malaysian All-Star League Baseball, an adult baseball league organization in Malaysia, aimed at promoting and developing the beloved sport to Malaysians. After running it for 3 years, MALB had finally made its mark regionally, when it converged and concerted its promotional and development efforts with its Singapore and Indoensian counterparts, thus marking the birth and reformation of MALB to become the MAJOR ASEAN LEAGUE BASEBALL.

MALB is managed by professional, passionate and talented individuals that paved for MALB’s success over the years. These individuals engineered a working system that incorporates sports management, marketing, finance and public relations elements, which proves to generate effective development and promotional achievements at minimal financial costs.

In May 2011, in line with the Malaysia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the National Sports Council of Malaysia in realizing the nationwide objective of industrializing Malaysian Sports, MALB has taken a major leap forward when the Executive Board unanimously decided to change its format and turn it into a State-level Sports Association. With this format, MALB (or MALBA) shall be an affiliated member of the Baseball Federation of Malaysia, and registered with the National Sports Council of Malaysia.

The new setup for MALBA as at 20 May 2011 are as follows:

Deputy President : Nahar Dato’ Johari
Vice President 1 : Mohd. Faudzi Sayudin
Vice President 2 : Mohamad Rosli Abu Bakar
Honorary Secretary : Faizal Amini Mohd Yunus
Treasurer : Winson Low Wui Yong
Exco Members:-
Mohd. Nazir Yahya
          Md. Saiful Hani Ramli
          Ahmad Ramzi Ahmad Zaini
          Saravanan Subramaniam
Sazali Hussain
          Abdul Halim Mohd Nor

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